Australian Orchid Foundation


Project: 246/2005


Title: Maximising mycorrhizal activity that sustains Caladenia species in cultivation and re-introduction.
Applicant: Ms. Magali Wright, BSc (Hons) PhD student
Institute: The University of Melbourne, Victoria


The questions to be addressed were what were the effects of different intensive site management treatments on the success of direct seeding Caladenia tentaculata. This information would be used to develop protocols for successful site management for re-introduced Caladenia species by seed and a greater understanding of Caladenia seedling recruitment in natural habitats.

The study involved site amelioration types which included watering to supplement average monthly rainfall, addition of organic matter to soil and as a mulch, and soil disturbance.

The study showed that in situ seedling recruitment of Caladenia species can be improved by site amelioration. Soil disturbance was shown to be the most effective in enhancing recruitment of the seedlings, and the other methods also assisted. These findings will directly benefit the conservation and re-introduction of Caladenia species.