Australian Orchid Foundation

Memorial Register

The Memorial Orchid Garden is a Register to pay tribute to those who have passed away.

Over time, donations have been received from orchid societies and ‘Friends of the Foundation’ as a tribute and in memory of a much loved family member or a valued friend who has passed away.

The register records an image and details of that person, with at least 200 words outlining their interest in orchids, their achievements, their involvement with the orchid societies and other details that should be recorded for future generations.

Donations to the Memorial Orchid Garden are deductible for taxation purposes and the minimum entry to the register is a donation of $100:00.

Donors can be assured that the entire donation will go to the funding of various projects that are undertaken by The Australian Orchid Foundation.

As time moves on, memories soon fade, and many creative activities, achievements and hard work of people are soon forgotten. The deeds of the people whose names are on this register are recorded forever.

Memorial Orchid Garden Register