Australian Orchid Foundation

Award of Honour

The Australian Orchid Foundation AWARD of HONOUR has been created to recognise achievement or contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the broad field that involves orchids in Australia.

A Member of the Foundation may nominate a person, and this nomination must be supported by two other members.

Each nomination must be accompanied by a citation supporting the nominee, giving details of their outstanding service and/or the achievement.

Only one award may be made in any one year, except under exceptional circumstances when an additional award may be considered.

Nominations with the appropriate documentation will be in the hands of the AOF Secretary by the 1st August in each year.

A Board of Referees comprising ten persons will review the nomination. Each Director shall be a member of the Board of Referees, the remaining referees being selected from the membership of the Foundation.

All eligible nominations will be distributed by email to each Referee for their careful and considered determination.

The nominee must attract a minimum of 70% of the votes to be eligible for the AWARD of HONOUR.

If a Director has been nominated for the Award of Honour, another Member of the AOF will be invited to become a replacement referee for that particular year.

The successful applicant for the Award will be announced at the AOF Annual General Meeting.