Australian Orchid Foundation

About Us

The Australian Orchid Foundation is a voluntary organisation devoted to the preservation, protection, promotion and cultivation of all orchid species and hybrids. It distributes many thousands of dollars every year, all raised from voluntary contributions, towards projects that further these aims.

The Directors and  Associates, the Research Committee, the Publications department and the Seed and Protocorm Bank involves the services of 20 dedicated people who volunteer their time and expertise to oversee the various administrative sections of The Australian Orchid Foundation.

The Australian Orchid Foundation is an Approved Research Institute and invites applications for grants or support from any person or group who wish to undertake specialised work on any subject that relates to orchids, whether endemic or otherwise. The work must be performed in Australia and/or must relate to the orchids of Australasia. (Other conditions arising from the Foundation’s status as an Approved Research Institute may apply.)

As an Approved Research Institute, The Australian Orchid Foundation is recognised by the Australian Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipient. This means that donations to the Foundation are ‘TAX DEDUCTIBLE’. Tax deductible donations to benefit the Foundation may also be made through the Australian Orchid Trust Fund (AOTF), a Public Ancillary Fund governed by independent trustees.

The Publication department sells an assortment of books on orchids, ranging from scientific publications to cultural handbooks, some of which may otherwise be difficult to obtain.

The Australian Orchid Research series is published by The Australian Orchid Foundation. The Foundation has also assisted in the publication of other books on orchids.

The Foundation maintains a Seed and Protocorm Bank to promote and facilitate the propagation and conservation of orchid species. Seed and protocorms are available for a small fee.

From time to time The Australian Orchid Foundation conducts workshops on orchid culture and supports conferences on orchids.