Australian Orchid Foundation


Project: 248/2005


Title: Propagation of fungus dependent orchid species.
Applicant: Mr Les Nesbitt
Institute: Adelaide, South Australia


The aim was to show that the propagation methods and fungal cultures from AOF project 236/2003, ‘Practical Propagation methods for Caladenia tentaculata,’ could be used for other rarer fungus-dependent orchids. This research was to be carried out at Les’ bush block in the Adelaide Hills where he has a slashed bush area of approx 1 acre and a shade house designed for deciduous terrestrial culture.

The project continues to date. Les is monitoring the progress of 20 in situ plants of C. tentaculata and 20 mother pots in the shade house. He is applying known techniques to Glosssodia major and Caladenia carnea to increase their numbers at his site. He is trying to propagate from seed two rarer fungus-dependent species, Caladenia leptochila and C. rigida.