Australian Orchid Foundation


Project: 327/2018

Title: Climate and habitat condition controls on orchid populations – research outcomes associated with a citizen science program
Applicant: Dr Greg Guerin
Institution: Waite Campus, The University of Adelaide

Wild Orchid Watch (WOW) is a national citizen science project that is developing tools and field methods for citizen scientists to observe and identify Australian native orchids and contribute to shared knowledge. The WOW app and website are being developed in-house at The University of Adelaide in consultation with professional ecologists and orchid enthusiasts and is scheduled for public release in 2019. Researchers and citizen scientists will be able to upload, access, use and share data on orchid populations and their habitats.

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Research project

In conjunction with the WOW app and citizen science program, we will survey wild orchid populations and their habitat context, including habitat configuration, management regime, vegetation communities and climate. We will also investigate combining new, detailed observations with historical records of orchids to assess change. The research project aims to examine orchid ecology and conservation holistically by relating broader habitat parameters and environmental conditions to the presence, abundance, diversity, phenology and persistence of orchids in natural and remnant habitats in Australia. This research will detect important factors contributing to population and community declines in the context of landscape and climate change.

For more information about WOW, visit or email