Australian Orchid Foundation


Project: 358/2024


Title: A Minute to Midnight. 8th International Orchid Conservation Congress (IOCC8) Perth 2024

Applicant: Dr. Jacopo Calevo

Institution: Curtin University, School of Molecular and Life Sciences, Curtin University, Bentley, WA 6102


The International Orchid Conservation Congress (IOCC) was inaugurated in 2000, with the first event organized in Perth, Australia. Since then, IOCC has been organized regularly, all around the World, and became a must-do conference for orchidologists and volunteers involved in the conservation of orchids. This high-quality conference engages with top scientists in the field, and in the past conferences it has been an inspiration for those who have gone on to become next-generation orchid scientists. This conference allows all scientists working on orchid conservation to meet, exchange their expertise and experience, and resolve new directions and novel technology to ensure the protection of orchids. The conference aims to be a major educational and scientific opportunity particularly for early career and students developing futures careers in orchid conservation.

Previous conferences offered travel grants for students coming from low-income countries. Since IOCC8 will be organized in Perth again, and given that Australia is an expensive country to reach and visit, the support from AOF aims at ensuring low registration fees for all participants (in particular for students) and to offer travel grants for students from low-income countries.

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