Australian Orchid Foundation

A Guide to Native Orchids of South Western Australia

Liddelow, Bob. 2015 Second edition – revised and expanded

Be warned! If you purchase this book you may become as addicted to finding, and photographing, native orchids as much as its author. Bob Liddelow has spent many hours in the field each season, seeking different orchids. Blind ‘bush bashing’ of likely spots rarely produces exciting finds, but given a lead by someone, the chances are greatly enhanced. That’s why this book has been written. This is an Orchid Guide with a difference. Instead of covering all species with total distribution areas, this book treats a very representative collection of orchids in great detail. The specific sites for each orchid are illustrated with ‘mud maps’. The book also cross-references some 239 orchids with about 200 sites in the greater south-west of Western Australia. Every orchid is illustrated fully in colour.

There are also comprehensive Indexes, a Glossary, Author’s Notes and more.

Approximately. 289 colour photographs.  Softcover with a protective plastic cover. 340 pages.