Australian Orchid Foundation


Aerangis 2nd edition

Isobyl la Croix  2022

Published by the American Orchid Society Inc. 2022

The thoroughly updated, definitive work on the genus Aerangis by Isobyl la Croix who spent many years studying African orchids in their native habitat.

It features detailed descriptions of the 59 species, accounts of the terrain, climate and habitats in which they live, and cultivation advice. These orchids which grow on branches and rocks in the forests of Africa and Madagascar have long nectar-filled spurs that release a delicate scent at night attracting hawk moths. This feature along with their disproportionately large flowers make them rewarding to grow and given the right conditions will flower year after year.

Many are threatened in their native habitat and home cultivation makes an important contribution to their long-term welfare. Beautiful photographs of the plants and essential botanical information make this a unique reference that will delight orchid lovers.

Hard Cover  228 pages