Australian Orchid Foundation

Award of Honour for 2018 granted to:

Brian Milligan



You have been growing orchids successfully for over 50 years.  Your interest has spanned a wide range of cool to intermediate genera, and both epiphytes and terrestrials.

You have been actively involved in six orchid societies. You were a member of the steering committee leading to the formation of the North-East Melbourne Orchid Society. You were editor of its monthly newsletter for 24 years and held the position of President and Vice President.

You were involved with the Orchid Societies Council of Victoria from its inception. You wrote many articles for use by OSCOV member society bulletins. These and other articles were published in book form, the Orchids of Victoria series. Your articles have been published in the national orchid journals.

You were a student judge of the Victorian Orchid Club progressing to Emeritus Judge of the OSCOV judging panel.

You were joint editor of the Journal of the Orchid Species Society of Victoria for nine years.

For many years you managed the OSSV’s unique and extensive database of plants benched at monthly meetings, reconciling benched names against the Kew accepted name. You were the source of information on plants’ habitats and history in cultivation.

You were an Associate to the Directors of the Australian Orchid Foundation for 4 years, then a Director for 6 years.

You have shared your knowledge speaking to local, country and interstate orchid societies.

Your desire to impart knowledge has led to prolific writing which has educated several generations of orchid growers and your articles continue to be reproduced in orchid society newsletters today.