Australian Orchid Foundation

Image courtesy Gerald McCraith AM


Award of Honour for 2001 granted to:

David Lloyd Jones

For outstanding work in the field of orchids.

– Co-editor of Nelson’s publication of Orchids of Australia by W.H. Nicholls.

– Author of Native Orchids of Australia, a major reference work.

– Author of Australian Orchid Research Volumes 2 and 3.

– Major contributor to projects and publications on orchids in Tasmania, south-west Western Australia, New South Wales, and Victoria.

– Major contributor to treatment Diurideae in Genera Orchidacearum for Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, England.

– Major contributor to Flora of Australia.


– Pioneered the use of floral dissection cards as a means of recording the biodiversity of Australian orchid flora.

– Set up a network of professional and amateur botanists across Australia thus expanding and speeding up the process of searching for and studying orchids throughout the country.

– Has recognised, described, named, renamed and illustrated approximately 260 species and several genera of orchids, both separately and in conjunction with various colleagues.

– Has been a member of the Australian Orchid Foundation Research committee since its inception, and chairman for the last 15 years.