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Died 2018

Dean was an active member of ANOS Vic for many years. On joining ANOS, Dean realized that the best way to get to know other members would be to take on a task and his first job was selling special effort tickets. Whenever ANOS held a show or displayed plants at other shows or exhibitions, Dean was there, lending a hand. He was a member of the Show Committee for many years. He was a talented administrator. He was a Committee member for 12 years, including Vice-President from 1984 then Secretary from 1987 until 1994. Before the appointment of a Membership Secretary, he also handled membership and renewals and printed address labels.  Dean also took on the mammoth task of compiling the Society’s By-Laws Book. His final job in the 12 months before his retirement was to ‘bully’ the other Committee members into reviewing it and making the necessary amendments.

Dean participated in many ANOS trips away, writing excellent reports for the Bulletin. He was very knowledgeable especially of epiphytes, writing the ‘What to do Month-by-Month for almost 12 months. He shared his knowledge freely with others.

Dean’s mother, Betty, was a competent grower and avid collector of orchid badges. Dean’s father, Arthur, was the auditor for ANOS for many years. Dean was a man of many talents that he used to benefit ANOS. To that end, he was awarded Life Membership in 1994.

ANOS Vic Inc.  and The Australian Orchid Foundation received bequests from Dean’s Will.

Tribute written by Helene Wild and Helen Richards

A donation has been made to the Australian Orchid Trust Fund by ANOS Vic Group Inc.

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