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1905 ~ 1988

The Orchid World of Australia has lost a great man and enthusiast, who passed away suddenly and peacefully on the 1st January, 1988. Bill’s passing was untimely and unexpected; and occurred early one morning as he was resting in his favourite armchair.

Bill Paddock was a quiet and unassuming contributor in the establishment of The Australian Orchid Foundation (AOF). Many of his mates had a great respect for Bill’s outstanding qualities in administration, and sought his sound advice when differences of opinion arose on various matters. He also possessed a great ability for keeping excellent records.

Bill was involved from the very beginning of the formation of The Australian Orchid Foundation until its incorporation in 1976. He played a most important role in the difficult days when establishing the Foundation; much planning and many legal problems of that time had to be overcome. It took two and a half years of negotiations and many meetings with solicitors, before The Australian Orchid Foundation was listed as a Public Company limited by guarantee. It was a difficult time made easier by his involvement.

After incorporation, Bill served as Honorary Secretary and Treasurer, as well as a Director of the Foundation. He made many practical contributions that have proved successful in the workings of the Foundation.

Bill had a small collection of orchids consisting mainly of a choice selection of the Cattleya alliance, together with a small number of native orchids and cymbidiums. He took great pleasure in the wellbeing of his collection. He went out of his way to help others who sought his advice on orchid selection, growing techniques or other problems generally.

Bill was a man of peace. In every club, or between clubs, friction does arise. Bill was always seeking peaceful solutions and understanding between the parties.

Bill enjoyed working with friends and was generous with his time, always seeking to promote and to benefit orchids generally.

Bill’s commercial life was involved with farm machinery of the well known firm of Gippsland and Northern Co-operative Company Limited, 607-613 Collins Street Melbourne. He was Chief Accountant and Manager until his retirement.

In May 1951 Bill joined the Victorian Orchid Club (VOC). He became a Committee member and later took on the roles of Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary. He served as President for two terms, 1961-1964 and 1974-1976. For his labours, he was granted a Life Membership of the VOC.

Bill was active in the early days of the formation of the Australian Orchid Council (AOC), serving with distinction as Honorary Secretary from 1964 to 1969, and as Vice President from 1969 to 1972 when he was elected President. He was granted a Honorary Fellowship of the Council for his outstanding personal service to the council.

Bill was granted a number of Awards during his lifetime with orchids. Probably his most prized award was a Life Governor’s Certificate of the Victorian School for Deaf Children, for services rendered.

Bill Paddock was a quiet, just and honourable man, and we of the Orchid World in Australia mourn his passing.

Bill Paddock, your efforts were not in vain and your labours will not be forgotten. It was a pleasure to have been associated with you during the creation of the Australian Orchid Foundation, and the other projects, that were undertaken during those early days.

The work of Frederick William Paddock will be remembered.

We offer to his widow Sheila our sincere condolences.

Tribute by Gerald McCraith

A donation has been made to the Australian Orchid Trust Fund by the Directors of The Australian Orchid Foundation.

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