Australian Orchid Foundation

Image courtesy Paul Slade

Award of Honour for 1987 granted to:

George Hermon Slade


You have been involved with the conservation of orchids, growing them for close study for over 50 years.

You were a foundation member of the Orchid Society of New South Wales and were the first editor of the Australian Orchid Review.

You made several study trips to Papua New Guinea and established the PNG Biological Foundation, a research body for tropical food crops and endemic orchids.
You lived in Port Moresby for several years where your orchid garden became a legend.

You established with Gerald McCraith The Australian Orchid Foundation, providing substantial initial funding.

You assisted many overseas botanists visiting Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands.

Your major donation of $500,000 to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney made possible the start on one of the finest public glasshouse complexes of world standing.