Australian Orchid Foundation

Award of Honour for 1992 granted to:

Kenneth Alexander MacPherson


You have observed the native flora, and particularly the native orchids from your school days, and over the years, you have been considered an authority on the flora of the Proserpine region.

You have a long period in hybridizing orchids, among which you have registered over 50 of the native hybrids.

Your work with the species Dendrobium discolor and Dendrobium canaliculatum, among others, has been recognized an achievement.

You have contributed many papers to Journals, and to the Australian Orchid Review and the Victorian Field Naturalist among others.

You were elected Foundation President of the Proserpine Orchid and Foliage Society, and now Life Member and Patron of that Society.

You sent many orchid specimens to Dr. H. Flecker, Rev. H.M.R. Rupp, Dr. R.S. Rogers, and Mr. C.T. White. Many of these specimens are now lodged in the Queensland Herbarium, in particular, Bulbophyllum macphersonii that was named and described by the Rev. H.M.R. Rupp.

You are held in great respect and high esteem by your peers, and by all within the Australian Orchid fraternity.