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Passed away 19th April, 1998

Mark Blair was an enthusiast with a passion for doing things his way, which is just how he grew his orchids and how he assisted in the running of the Mornington Peninsula Orchid Society (MPOS). Mark grew orchids for the pleasure and joy it gave to him, never for winning a competition.

Soon after joining MPOS, he began writing the Newsletter, which he wrote for many years. He was appointed Secretary, which he held for twelve years. He spent twelve years as Show Marshall and three years as President. Mark’s greatest joy was to see members bring in their seedlings flowering for the first time. Many of the competitions were funded by Mark and he subsidised cash prizes to the first growers.

Mark grew his plants hard and with a clear conscience. His philosophy being “If I can grow it, flower it, then sell it, then I know anyone can”.

Mark believed that the only way to grow orchids well is to observe, watch what the plants do, trial, and watch again.

Mark developed a keen interest in the new ‘tropical hybrids’ with the Australian dendrobiums, the cold growing species, crossed back to Dendrobium bigibbum.

The Mornington Peninsula Orchid Society owes a debt of gratitude to Mark Blair. His interjections at meetings have been missed and we now expect to miss his continued support via the telephone and the mail. Behind every good club, there are good people keeping it straight and narrow. The MPOS was great because of Mark, his philosophy being “Democracy is paramount, you must always be fair”.

Mark lived his philosophy, and his legacy to all is honesty and integrity in everything that you do.
Marilyn quotes “We will miss you Mark, God Bless….”

Mark was a respected and valuable Member of the AOF, and was a regular donor to the Australian Orchid Trust Fund.


A donation has been made to the Australian Orchid Trust Fund by Alison Blair.

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