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~ 14th November, 1976

Maurice had a great interest in orchids, both species and hybrids. He built up a considerable collection over a period of time of Cattleya, Vanda and many other genera which he grew to perfection.

Maurice built a large glasshouse, primarily to display his flowering orchids and also to house them from the hostile elements and insects of the region. It is believed that Maurie had the largest collection of orchids in Townsville during his time. He was recognised as a very skilled grower who gained many awards during show times.

He joined the Townsville Orchid Society on 15th September, 1957 and became an active Committee man, serving with distinction as Vice-President and then President in 1971-72. He remained a very active Society man until his death on 14th November, 1976.

An outstanding businessman, he is especially remembered for having the foresight to encourage the Townsville Orchid Society to apply to the Australian Orchid Council to have an Orchid Conference in Townsville. Townsville Orchid Society successfully hosted the 8th Australian Orchid Conference in 1983, seven years after the sudden passing of Maurie.

His wife Jean was always by his side, providing support. Both were very popular in the northern regions. Maurie initiated orchid judging lessons at his home and was continually encouraging members to study, and in the course of time, built up a strong Judging Panel.

Of tall solid appearance and a very pleasant personality, Maurie Watson enjoyed a cigar, musing and smiling and sometimes deep in thought, but always a thorough gentleman.

Maurie and Jean loved travelling and socialising, they were skilled dancers; they loved music and delighted in holding parties with their friends.

Farewell Maurie Watson, you will be remembered for the practical way that you improved the Townsville Orchid Society and for your pleasant and welcoming attitude to the many members who knew you.

A donation has been made to the Australian Orchid Trust Fund by the Townsville Orchid Society.

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