Australian Orchid Foundation

Award of Honour for 2014 granted to:

Mervyn J. ‘Mick’ Keith


That for more than thirty years you have been a pioneer in many phases of orchid culture, supply, education and conservation in Australia.

Through your active interest in orchids you have made contacts with the orchid fraternity in many countries. You are known and respected by other orchid growers and international orchid nurseries, and are a fine ambassador for the Australian orchid industry.

You have taken a leading role in introducing exotic orchid species to Australian growers and respecting conservation in the source countries.

Your initiative in providing three quarantine houses for imported orchids has been a contributor to the growth of Australia’s orchid industry, both hobby and commercial.

Over the years you have named and registered many fine orchids. Your orchid quality awards granted by various orchid societies are testament to your cultural skills.

You are recognised and appreciated for your culture classes for new growers and your generosity in helping and imparting knowledge to others. You have also provided articles in different orchid magazines and have spoken at orchid conferences in Australia, as well as to many local clubs and societies.

Your willingness to be involved and contribute at all levels has been recognised by the Townsville Orchid Society with life membership. Since joining in1968 you have held many positions at the Society including that of Patron.

For a period of time you were president of the Tropical Queensland Orchid Council Inc. You are a current member of the Australian Orchid Foundation and have been a continuous contributor for many years.

In January, 2004 you received an Australia Day Achievement Award from the Townsville City Council for your lifetime promotion of Townsville when travelling with your orchids.