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15th December, 1926 ~ 17th December, 2001

Michael was at the forefront of plastics and optical fibre development in Australia. During his career in the plastics industry, he worked for the family founded Nylex Corporation Ltd; involved in its first production of acrylic sheet that ICI sold under the name Perspex®.

Michael joined the Navy in 1944 at the age of 18 and served on a supply launch along the New Guinea coast before being discharged in 1946.

Prior to his 30th Birthday, Michael and Cherry were married and moved to Beaumaris where they raised daughter Joanne and son Bill.

Olympic Cables and Nylex Cables merged to form Olex Cables on the first of July 1973, with Michael as its first Managing Director.

Michael was a keen gardener and was one of Victoria’s foremost orchid growers. He preferred epiphytic orchids, exotics and natives and was well known for his ability to successfully anchor orchids to many of the trees and shrubs that surrounded his home.

He was a popular member of the Victorian Orchid Club and the Australasian Native Orchid Society of which he was a foundation member. He joined The Australian Orchid Foundation in June 1980 and was supportive of the projects that were undertaken by the Foundation.

Michael retired from business in 1985 and moved to the Gold Coast hinterland where he and Cherry raised avocados and many varieties of fruit. Michael was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1994 following which he changed his lifestyle rather radically and with characteristic enthusiasm. Michael passed away two days after his 75th birthday on 17th December, 2001.

AOTF: 276