Australian Orchid Foundation

Award of Honour for 2004 granted to:

Peter Stanley ‘Bill’ Lavarack


That he has served on the Australian Orchid Foundation Research Committee since its inception and was Chairman for a period.

That during his career with the Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service he conducted surveys and developed management plans for Hinchinbrook Island and Cape York Peninsula, thus laying the foundations for the declaration of several national parks.

That under the joint auspices of the Australian Orchid Foundation and the Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service he conceived, planned and led eight expeditions, which surveyed the orchid population of the Cape York Peninsula and some Torres Strait islands. This work ensured that many significant orchid habitats were included in national parks.

That his recording and collection of herbarium specimens of orchids enabled the recognition of new species, the rectification of taxonomic anomalies and the revision of our knowledge of distribution.

That his role in drafting plant protection legislation for the state of Queensland, ensured the inclusion of measures to safeguard wild populations of orchids.

That his writings on orchids include four books, 36 major departmental reports, 50 papers in scientific journals and 52 papers of a popular nature.

That he is held in great respect and high regard by all within the Australian and worldwide orchid fraternity.