Australian Orchid Foundation



Award of Honour for 2012 granted to:

Phyllis and Christopher Nicholas


For over fifty years you have contributed to the advancement of orchid growing, not only in Tasmania but throughout Australia.

Your involvement was integral in the formation of the Burnie, Devonport and Launceston Orchid Societies, and your active roles with the Tasmanian Orchid Society were honoured with Life Membership.

You were involved with the initial establishment of Australian Orchid Council (AOC) judging in Tasmania, running classes for student judges statewide. As the Tasmanian representative of the AOC, Christopher Nicholas was appointed an Honorary Fellow of the AOC in 1972.

You have been the first contact in Hobart for many local and overseas orchid enthusiasts, unstinting in welcoming visitors and sharing your hospitality.

You are both exceptional orchid growers, Christopher specializing in the Oncidieae and Laeliinae alliances, and Phyllis in the Pleurothallidinae alliances. Your introduction of these cooler growing orchids to Tasmanian growers has been a major contribution.

You have demonstrated that just about every orchid alliance can be grown in Tasmania from tropical Phalaenopsis in a heated glasshouse, to cooler growing varieties such as cymbidiums and Australian native orchids in the garden.

You have supported the Australian Orchid Foundation since its inception in 1975, and have made many Tasmanians aware of the aims of the Foundation.

You are both doyens of the orchid world, most deserving in recognition of your work and achievements.