Australian Orchid Foundation

Award of Honour for 2020 granted to:

Richard Thomson


You have been a member of ANOS Vic Group from 1991, serving as their new members’ coordinator, terrestrial study Group leader, committee member including Vice President, Conservation Officer and the ANOS 2000 Conference, Melbourne, committee member.

You established an orchid propagation laboratory in your home in 1999 where ANOS Vic Group members have attended monthly to learn the techniques of terrestrial orchid propagation from seed and you have trained others in these techniques.

Upon retirement in 1999, you volunteered at the Royal Botanic Gardens (RBG), Melbourne, attending the orchid propagation laboratory weekly for 7 years. You have mentored many PhD students.

You were the ANOS Vic Group advisor to the RBG Cranbourne on the establishment of a terrestrial orchid collection between 2000 and 2006.

You have been the coordinator between ANOS Vic Group and the orchid conservation program at the RBG since 2015 organizing volunteers for orchid searching, re-introduction, monitoring and pollinator baiting.

You have worked with over 50 of Victoria’s most endangered orchids and are a member of several recovery teams.

You have authored many submissions to State and Federal governments personally and on behalf of ANOS Vic Group

You have written over 160 articles for the ANOS Vic Group Bulletin and speak regularly about conservation and propagation at conferences, seminars and to local nature groups.

You have been an active member of the Australian Orchid Foundation for 19 years, and manager of the Seed and Protocorm bank for the last 21 years.

You have been a member of the Friends of Warrandyte State Park since 1999, volunteering in the nursery and in the conservation of the Park’s native orchids.