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1930 ~ 2021/22

Ted and Barbara were married in 1957.

They had a vast collection of Australian Native Orchids when they lived at Glenthorne by the Manning River, NSW. A major flood in1978 decimated their orchid collection which included many natural Dendrobium hybrids collected for 1940’s/1950’s onwards.

1979 they moved to Eagle Heights, Mt.Tamborine. Qld and established an orchid nursery known as Merrellen Orchids. They produced many mail order catalogues over 20 years of Australian Native Orchids and produced the first full colour catalogue of Australian Native Orchids in 1991, concentrating mainly on different forms of Den.kingianum and Den.speciosum.

They were members of numerous Orchid Society’s, regularly exhibiting their specimen plants, which they grew to perfection.

Tribute: David Cannon

A donation has been made to the Australian Orchid Trust Fund by David Cannon

AOTF: 4088